What happened?

Submitted by anelles on Wed, 01/25/2017 - 11:21

Well yes, what happened since November?

Walking into the nothingness

Being busy happened. The team came back from the field all safe and sound, with good data from measurements from drilled holes and radio transmitters. Then everyone got busy unpacking, relaxing and rewinding. This combined with the fact that the rest of us was working hard to getting a paper ready to publish (to be found here) left very little time to update the blog.

After new year, we spent time in Israel discussing future collaboration in the field of radio detection of neutrinos. A very productive workshop (we will keep you posted about the results, which are currently being written up) again left very little time to update the blog. Turns out that scientist sometimes have to do science.

But be rest-assured: Antarctica is still out there. The ARIANNA hexagonal array is collecting radio signals for us and things are running pretty smoothly.

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