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  2567   Fri Oct 20 11:03:31 2023 Ryan Rice-SmithHousekeepingNone (dev)Elog RunningTest confirming Elog running and workable.   
  2566   Wed Sep 15 15:57:32 2021 S. BarwickHardwareAllEvaluation of hardware improvements proposed in ARIANNA-200Here is a breakdown of proposed hardware improvements
for the ARIANNA-200 station. We may have
to scale back our plans to avoid the criticism
  2565   Mon Sep 13 08:21:38 2021 S. BarwickFirmware/SoftwareAllARIANNA 2020 reviews and thoughts on ARIANNA 2021 strategyThere seems to be insufficient momentum among
NSF leadership to commit to large new projects
in Antarctica until they know what the other
  2564   Sun Aug 15 21:38:43 2021 S. BarwickAnalysisStation 52Polarization errors in stn52, 2017-2018 season vs 2018-2019 seasonSummary:  I believe Leshan has found evidence
that upward LDPA buried only to their tip
are not deep enough to be well described
  2563   Mon Aug 9 17:31:58 2021 M. PaulHardwareNone (dev)400 Series Amp: Design 3 UpdateIn this elog, I present data on three 400
series amp boards, 3rd revision.  Included
are an assessment of operation after populating
  2562   Fri Jul 30 09:27:18 2021 S. BarwickHardwareAllNew SST board featuresA quick guide to possible improvements/changes
in the ARIANNA DAQ board.
  2561   Thu Jul 29 08:05:39 2021 S. BarwickMiscellaneousAllQuestions on RNOG effort in 2021Series of questions for the RNOG deployment
and installation teams
  2560   Wed Jul 7 10:03:36 2021 J. HansonSoftwareAllICRC Proceedings regarding Phased Array Design and Open-SourceSee attached.  hanson1217.pdf 
  Draft   Fri Jun 18 15:02:31 2021 M. FormanHardwareNone (dev)Voltage v Temp. in Amplifier BoardWe investigated the performance of our amplifier
board at low temps using the standard deviation
of the amplifier voltage of each channel
  2558   Wed Jun 16 10:19:11 2021 C. GlaserAnalysisNone (dev)background from reflection layerspreliminary results for the reflected background  20210616_reflections.pdf 
  2557   Tue Jun 8 15:33:46 2021 M. PaulHardwareNone (dev)Series 400 Amp - Design 2 Updates[U][B]400 Series Amp Design 3[/B][/U]
This is the third iteration of the 400 series
amps. Something important to note is that
  2556   Tue Jun 1 22:45:47 2021 Leshan ZhaoAnalysisStation 52Askaryan error in polarization for cosmic rays passing new cutsIn this post I show the polarization error
distribution for events that pass the new
set of cuts I developed recently.The number
  2555   Mon May 31 11:29:33 2021 S. BarwickSimulationAllFor Mitch, evidence of reflective layer at 300mHere (attachment) is an echogram that Mitch
presented at ARIANNA meeting on May 26, 2021.
 It provides evidence for a strong reflective
  2554   Wed May 26 15:03:20 2021 S. BarwickAnalysisAllReflection layers in J. Glac. paper 2005, estimating R for 830m layerSee attached pdf for idea and analysis. Conclude
that reflecting layer at 830m has R=-45dB
in power. This assumes R=1 at bottom, which
  2552   Wed May 19 03:02:30 2021 C. GlaserTalksStation51 (south pole)slides for VLVNTslides for the ARIANNA talk at the VLVNT workshop.
The slot is 20min including questions so
I might be able to add an additional slide.
  2551   Tue May 18 17:10:28 2021 S. BarwickSimulationAllDownward reflected background from CR cores that strike the South Pole snow surfaceThis is a quick summary of the reflected downward
backgrounds due to cosmic ray cores striking
the snow surface at the South Pole.  This
  2550   Wed May 12 10:05:32 2021 J. HansonThesis/PapersAllRough Draft of Askaryan Model paper(See attached)

This draft now represents the final rough
  2549   Tue May 11 21:36:23 2021 Leshan ZhaoAnalysisStation 52Polarization error for simulated events with fixed expectation calculationIn the past few weeks, I have been stuggling
to figure out why the expected polarization
is always 4 deg off true polarization for
  2548   Tue May 4 08:03:20 2021 S. BarwickAnalysisAllMaximizing overlap between surface and deep stationsAssume fixed cost, and D is 4x larger. Eq1:
S+4D=100, where 100 is arbitrary fixed number
to represent fixed cost.  S is number of
  2547   Tue Apr 27 17:24:39 2021 Astrid AnkerDeepLearningNone (dev)wind analysis for 100 sample CNN, deadtime calculation for station 18   wind_analysis_100sampe_cnn.pdf 
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