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Submitted by anelles on Wed, 01/13/2016 - 11:33

As I have promised this blog will not die just because we are back in California. However, between you and new blog-posts is the upgrade of our website. Despite being very busy with analyzing our new data (no spoilers, but things are looking very nice), we also have to take care of our servers and software. It turns out that outdated operating systems attract spam -- you wouldn't believe it. So while I am working on a new and shiny website and our data analysis, I thought I will leave you with some photos to remind you how pretty Antarctica was.

A seal waving goodbye

It is so pretty that even the seals wave goodbye when you walk past them

Writing a new blog entry also gives me some time to learn and understand the new features of the website. After - thanks to Corey -- we have managed to port everything directly from version 6 to 8, it takes some time to get everything back into the same style. Now, I finally know why companies employ a whole IT department to keep the website running an up to date. It is more works than what it looks like, if you want interactivity -- yes, you will be able to register and post comments soon -- and a content management system that can in principle be used by everyone. And of course, nowadays we are supposed to have up-to-date scientific material for the interested public, preferably interactive and with fancy features. I should really stop explaining this to all of you and get back to work!

Pressure Ridges

Take a look at the pressure ridges that are formed when the sea-ice pushed into the permanent ice from the glaciers. Impressive hiking through them!

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