Getting ready for the next polar season

Submitted by anelles on Mon, 08/22/2016 - 13:28

Yes, we will be going down again this year. And yes, there will be new photos and new stories about spending nights on the ice-shelf.
What do we have in store for you this year? Not absolutely sure yet, but fairly certain it will involve drilling/melting holes, installing a wind-generator, and ... who would have thought ... digging. Also this season, we will find everything buried by about an additional meter of snow.

Now, we are waiting for the US Antarctic Program to decide when exactly we will be going and all of us (again three people) are getting their clearance from the medical office. I assume Astronauts get checked more thoroughly, but we are getting fairly close. Happy can be those under 40 -- starting from there things get even more inquisitive. Want to have a look? HERE

In the mean time, it is time to go the gym to get those digging muscles going. We have to -- so why no everyone else as well?

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