The same procedure as every year

Submitted by anelles on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 08:51

... the team gets snowed in.

Tent under snow

It is so foreseeable that we already plan with it, when we make the schedule for our time in the field. At least two days will be spent sitting in the tent, catching up on writing down logs and documentation and watching movies preferably about people dying on cold mountains or in the snow. The correct amount of irony for such a weather.

This year, however, the two day limit might be exceeded so that they are even looking at an extension of a couple of days. On the upside, the wind turbine has been set up together with the anemometer. So we are looking at great power measurements of up to 50 knots of wind. Nothing you get to measure all the time. But no need to get scared the spirits are high and everyone is enjoying the windy excitement:

With everything bolted down, the tent full of food and water, the crew will have no major problems hanging out for a while. Even though "going to bed" might involve a serious struggle against the wind. However, for all worst cases: Hans has the igloo set up! Which apparently up to now only serves as an additional bathroom. So, no need for private parts to freeze off.

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