South Pole!

Submitted by anelles on Mon, 12/04/2017 - 16:17

We are very happy to report that our team has made it to South Pole.

Neutrino researchers at South Pole

Whoever can identify Chris and Geoff, is up for a price, but these are all neutrino researchers currently at South Pole. Pretty impressive number, right? They are standing around the glass globe that marks South Pole, which is probably the most photographed object down there.

The team has already managed to set up an ARIANNA station -- first of its kind -- at South Pole. It is currently recording its first data. Everyone is in a frenzy to keep up with data coming in, so we will leave this as a short post. Things are looking good!

If all goes well, the team will be on their way back on December 9th. Hans and Shih-Hao are already back in the civilized world. If we are not mistaken, they are enjoying the beauties of New Zealand. New Zealand is pretty green, but it is never greener than after weeks on the ice!

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